“One, who opens a school, closes a Prison”  

                                                            Victor Hugo

It is this that is our motto. We try our best to provides side atmosphere in the school as can help the children to build-up their character and correct their behavior. 

A child Is not born human but he possesses it from certain potentialities and is endowed with the power of growth. It is the function and concern of education to develop those qualities in the child and to transform his original nature into human nature.

The function of education can best be achieved by providing the child a decent environment in the school which would help him develop such qualities as desirable. Our combined effort is to develop such qualities as are desirable and curb those which are undesirable. Our combined effort is to develop qualities like toleration sympathy co-operation, moral courage and flexibility.Our aim is not only to provide more bookish knowledge the students rather to make them aware of all such qualities. In spite of several limitation the curricular and extra Curricular activities of students go all the year round.It is a matter of satisfaction that on account of its multi-dimension development including the high standard of teaching the institution has figured prominently as one of the ideal centres of education. Every year the students of this school secure the top position in the district in the board examination conducted by CBSE.

            Finally I would like to say that sincerity of work should be the first obligation of the citizen of a developing.

            Country and teachers are expected to lead them in this respect. I extend my good wishes and hope the school it blossom with better fragrance in future.


Arvind Prasad

Director  .

School Location
Bhatu Bigha, Ekangar Sarai
(Nalanda)Bihar, INDIA
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+91 6111-694801, +91 9135165500
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